For over 40 years, BMF Construction has been committed to delivering high-quality sustainable assets in residential, industrial, commercial and the retail sector.

With diverse experience and capabilities, BMF Construction has partnered with a vast array of public companies and municipal and state authorities to deliver projects in industrial warehousing, commercial offices, sporting pavilions; police, ambulance, and fire stations; schools, special care facilities, turnkey engineering plants, refurbishment works and high-end luxury residences.

BMF Construction delivers quality service, smart scheduling, sustainable development processes and innovative design results in cost effective, responsive and quality construction and interior solutions.


BMF Construction ensures a collaborative approach with clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and staff, to yield projects that exceed client expectations and position BMF Construction as a responsive partner and quality builder.


Matt Johnson
Adrian Tseberg

Construction Manager

Project Manager

Geoff Carroll

Senior Engineer

Nick Henry

Project Manager

Glen Strickland
Ken Owen

Site Manager

Site Manager

Adam King

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Wigney


Dale Hardy